Thursday, August 20, 2009

Adult Story - Sex with sister

She was alone in the house and enjoying her
bath. The shower was soothing.
Prakash, her younger brother, was six years younger than her. He
looked at her tits like he wanted to eat them. Her hands crawled all
over her wet, naked flesh. She cupped her firm tits and pinched her
nipples. Both hands trailed down to her crotch. The fingers of one
hand slipped between the parted lips of her cunt. With her other
hand she fingered her swollen clit.
She slowly finger-fucked herself. She had an incredibly narrow waist
and flat stomach, which accentuated her hips, and the jutting round
globes of her perfectly shaped tits.
She gasped frantically as her hands worked to bring herself to a
climax. But now she knew she couldn't stop herself. Her back
arched, and her hips bucked frantically. She probed her pussy with
two fingers, pinching her clit at the same time with her other hand.
She knew she was just seconds away from climax.
Moaning and mewling hysterically, she suddenly felt like she wasn't
alone. Realizing that she had not closed the door to the bathroom,
thinking she was home alone, she glanced over and saw her younger
brother Prakash in the doorway, staring at her naked body.
All the sexual arousal quickly drained out of her body. She hid her
breasts and the crotch with her hands, trying to hide her nakedness
from him. But that left a lot of the bulging flesh of the full and
her rather ample oversized breasts outside the palms and most of the
area of the crotch except the cunt exposed.
"Prakash, what are you doing here!" she shouted at him, moving her
palm to cover her tits fully with her hands. "Don't you believe in
seeing if there is someone inside before you come in?"
Prakash grinned sheepishly. He looked down at his feet.
"I ... I couldn't help it," he said. "You look sexy, Alka."
"You shouldn't even be looking at me!" she yelled, enraged at
him. "I'm your own sister!"
Prakash couldn't stop starting at her. His eyes darted over her wet
thighs. In the excitement she did not notice that the palm covering
her cunt had exposed a portion of the patch of her bush. The task of
covering both the breasts was even more difficult and all that she
could manage was just to cover the two nipples and leave the rest of
the breasts to his gaze. Looking at the bush and the breasts made
him hard. She knew that it was useless to try to cover her breast
and the cunt. So she turned around. That was even worse because her
ass, which was her best asset, was for him to see, ass and the crack
between the cheeks and all. She gave up and turned around still
covering just the two nipples and a portion of the bush.
By now Prakash had come in and was standing in front of the towel
rod on which she had hung the towel. As she faced him, Alka could
see the lump in his crotch. He had a hard-on.
"What's happening here?" She asked herself. "We aren't supposed to
be feeling this way. He's my own brother. Why should I feel this
way just because he's staring at my naked body?" But Alka couldn't
deny the strange feeling in her pussy that seemed to be caused by
her younger brother's stares.
"You act like you've never seen a woman's body naked before," she
said to him softly. The anger had vanished. And she was surprised to
hear how coy, even seductive, her own voice sounded. It was almost
as if she was teasing him. Prakash was blushing.
"I haven't," he said shyly. "I mean, not a real woman. Only
pictures, movies."
Suddenly Alka's sisterly warmth for him began to come out. She sat
up on the feet high wall in the middle of the bath area and extended
her arms toward him. Her wet body was covered with soft bubbles.
"Prakash, you should've told me," she said. "I didn't mean to shout
at you like that. Come here. Let me give you a hug."
Slowly her brother came over to the wall, still blushing. He got
down on his knees. Alka put her arms around him. He moved to between
her outstretched thighs.
"What am I doing?" she wondered. "This is wild and exciting, but we
shouldn't be doing it at all!"
"Oh, I'm going to get you all wet," she said, pretending to draw
But Prakash's hands caught her naked back and wouldn't let her move
away. Alka's lips were just inches from his cheek.
"It's okay," he said in a hoarse voice. "I don't mind."
"Prakash, you're staring at my tits. I would have pushed you out if
I had known that you would be string at my bare breasts."
She knew that he knew that it was a lie. She made no effort to cover
her breasts or the cunt.
"I can't help it, Alka. I just want to keep looking at them."
"If I let you touch them, will you be satisfied and stop staring and
go away and let me finish my bath?"
"Okay just touch them. But don't do anything more with my breasts."
Slowly, his hands came around her body to her tits. Her firm young
tit globes were wet and covered with bubbles, but he cupped them
anyway, and squeezed them gently. Alka felt waves of sexual arousal
flow through her body.
"Now go away. Let me finish my bath."
"You did not say how long you will let me touch them. Please Alka
let me touch them a little longer."
"Okay. But then you should go away."
"I promise."
She looked down at his hands over her breasts. It was just too much
to let her own brother touch her breasts.
"It is firm but at the same time soft," he said as if he had made a
discovery. He pressed the breasts and watched it as it regained the
shape as he took his fingers away. Nobody had played with her
breasts as Prakash was doing now. He was like a child playing with a
costly toy under the supervision of an elder. The pressure on her
breasts was getting more and more.
"Tell me if what I am doing is uncomfortable or if they hurt."
"They don't. But you have to stop now. I have to finish my bath."
"Are they always hard like this?" he asked strumming her already
hardened nipples.
"No. they get hard only when I am sexually aroused."
"Like when someone sucks them?" he looked at her.
"That's no way to talk to your elder sister."
"Tell me."
He rolled the nipples between the thumb and the fore finger and
pulled it gently.
"I once saw you and Raj in the backseat of the car. I think he had
come to drop you after the second show. You kept telling him you
won't let him do anything but in the end he made you do what he
"We never did it in the house, not even in the car."
"You shagged him that day. He was fingering you all the time."
"You really are a lecher. You are not supposed to peep on your
"I am sorry. But I have a confession to make."
"I wasn't alone that day. We were smoking in the garage and that's
when we saw the car coming."
"Don't tell me that you let someone watch me shagging a guy's cock.
And who was with you that day?"
"My friend Kishore."
"How can you let him watch your sister? No wonder he is always
staring at me these days."
She was panicking now.
"Don't worry. How can I tell him that he can't watch you when we spy
on his sister nearly every day?"
The story as getting curious.
"I thought her husband is away in Dubai."
"Yes. But he is not the only male in Hyderabad."
"You mean that she has a secret lover?" she asked, the curiosity
very prominent now.
He continued to squeeze her breasts as they talked. She was enjoying
the sensation.
"You will have to stop playing with my boobs sometime now. I have to
finish my bath and our parents may also come anytime now."
He continued to squeeze the breasts.
"Tell me abut his sister."
"I told you everything. They meet everyday at the same time when her
mother sleeps and the father is away at the hop. She doesn't let him
come to her house for far of getting caught. Their house is next to
her parents'"
"Do they fuck everyday?"
"Yes, many times a day."
"How long each day?"
"May be n hour. He delays it when he is about to cum and then
resumes it. They do it for a long time every time."
"Lucky bitch. She must be a very horny woman.
"They have become hard and darker now." He pointed to her nipples.
It was true that the aureoles around the nipples had puckered and
become dark. Her nipples were pale brown. Now they were a shade
"They look so suckable."
"Don even think of sucking my nipples," she tried pushing him away.
Before she knew it, Prakash was bending his head to them. She felt
his mouth, just before it fastened on one of her nipples and sucked
sharply, soap bubbles and all.
"Ahhhhhh!" she gasped with pleasure and surprise.
"Oh, Prakash!"
Her brother attacked her tingling tit as if he was afraid it would
escape. Alka arched her back, pushing the firm tit flesh into his
face. Her nipple sprang erect inside his mouth.
"Prakash, it's got soap all over it!" she whispered.
"I don't care," he gasped.
But Alka pulled back.
"At least let me wash off the soap."
She smiled, pouring water all over her tits.
The sight of the water cascading over her beautiful naked tits was
more than her brother could take. He grasped them in both hands and
began sucking her nipples wildly. Alka moaned softly with pleasure,
digging her fingers into his scalp.
"Oh God, Prakash, yes, suck them, suck them hard! Please! Ohhhhhh!"
She couldn't believe how exciting it was to have him so passionately
sucking and gnawing her throbbing tits. He was trying to swallow
them. The sensations nearly sent Alka over the edge. She was
moaning uncontrollably before she knew it. Her body squirmed and
splashed water all over her brother. But nothing could stop him from
squeezing and sucking her tits and biting her nipples until she was
nearly insane with lust.
"Ohhhnnnn, Prakash, you're driving me crazy!" she panted.
"Me too," he said.
Just then they heard the noise of an approaching car and the sound
of the gate being opened. The bathroom was in the front of the house
on the first floor. Prakash went to the ventilator and peeped.
"Shit, its tem. Let me get out."
He went to Alka and hugged her and suddenly kissed her full on the
"You have to go now." She pushed him.
"Let me kiss you before I go."
He put his lips on hers and kissed. Suddenly she opened her lips ad
waited. He put his tongue inside her mouth. She was more experienced
than him. She immediately sucked his tongue and pushed him away.
"I am sorry but you have to go now."

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