Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Adult story - Jija salli (relation between brother and sister in law) Concluding Part II

Cheenu didi was closeted with her hubby and my Jiju for long. I and
Rashmi Bhabhi pulled them away. KD Jija was also eyeing Cheenu didi
and saying that he will get her pound off flesh tonight. Cheenu didi
laughed and said you can take all the flesh. Most of the guests had
gone and it was decided that we will also leave next day by morning
train. It was dinner time and gallis time and Basanti and Rashmi
bhabhi took the lead in abusing there nandoi. KD Jija was given
galli with name of her sister saroj sunita and sarala. Basanti sang ,
Saroj Rani hain Pakki chinar unke gahr main dod dwar ek jaye age
dossr pichvade bach anhi koi naua kanahar( Saroj , sister of KD is a
top slut, she has tow doors , one in front and other behind, she has
not left any body waterman, barber everybody enjoys her) . Rashmi
Bhabi taragted my hubby, main tummse puchu tumhri bahna ke bil min
tumhari Guddo ke bil main unki bur main kya kya amay mhallle ke ab
gadhe samay tumhare sab salle samaye ( I ask what your sister takes
in her cunt, in her pussy, she take cock of of all the donkeys of her
area she devours cock of all your brother in laws ). We all knew it
is last night together and it made it very hot.

Cheenu was grabbed by my hubby and KD Jija and as I was made to
devour two Lund together last night Cheenu was fucked and buggered.
But Ravi Jiju was richer. I along with Rashmi bhabhi provided him
company for night. Rashmi Bhabhi teased me. Salliyon kya tumhi jija
ka maja le sakti ho salhaj ko nandoi ka lund nahi chauiye. And ia
ccepted yes she has as much right on her Nandoi's Lund as I have on
my jija. Both of us stripped Ravi Jiju and kissed and licked his
Lund together. Rashmi Bhabhi will lick the balls and I will suck the
shaft. Some times two sahelis sharing a lollipop we will lick his
supara together. We were kissing his asshole rubbing his , Lund on
our gore gore gaal and Jiju could not take it further. He made me go
on all fours and in one shove his mighty lund was doing chudai of my
bur. Rashmi bhabhi was caressing my choonchi, pinching my tits and
will goad her nandoi to fuck me hard. With so much teasing Jiju was
like a bull and his lund was ramming my choot like a piston. My choot
too was greedily squeezing it rubbing it and I was moving my chootar.

I must have come twice or thrice but Jiju was not going to cum.
Rashmi Bhabhi who was caressing his gaand pushed her fingers inside
hard. She started fucking him and soon her finger pressed her
pressure point and he came, no he exploded. His Lund kept on cuming
and it not only flooded my choot but my thighs were also drowned.
After that it was number of Rashmi Bhabhi. Jiju while fucking her
tried to finger fuck he big gaand but bhabhi protested too much. I
winked at him and whispered to concentrate on fucking her choot. Now
Jiju brought her almost close to orgasm but stooped. He will flirt
with her clit pull her nipples and rub her clit with base of his
Lund. Now Bhabhi was begging for his lund. Jiju made her go on all
fours and fucked her hard. I too was pulling her tits as if I'm
milking her. Bhabhi kept on coming but Jiju continued her chudai
unabated. She was exhausted and only then he spilled. He came not
only in her choot but brought out his Lund and made her big choonchis
white. I spread it around. Bhabhi was lying with Jiju's cum in her
cunt and thighs. I told Bhabhi that I can not let Jiju's precious cum
go waste. I went over her and started lapping and licking her cum
filled choot. My fingers will caress her labia and my tongue with
silken touch will just tease her choot. Soon she was mad. She was
begging me to suck her hard and who was I to deny my bhabhi. I parted
her cunt lips and pushed my tongue deep. I was licking wall of her
choot full of feel of Jiju's Lund and made taste double. Soon she too
had started licking me and we continued doing 69. When I paused for a
breather and looked up Jiju was sitting with his Lund in full
erection looking at our Sapphic play. But his eyes were riveted on
Bhabhi's gaand. I knew what he wanted. I gave him a thumbs up sign
and pointed toward sBhabhi's gaand. He nodded smiling. Who was to
deny y Jiju. My tongue came out and fro rubbing her clit I went to
her asshole. She was wriggling but my tongue was teasing Bhabhi
there. I took out a lot of saliva and let my tongue took it to
Bhabhi's asshole. At that time my fingers were rolling pulling
pinching her pink swollen clit so she was going mad. Bhabhi too was
sucking my choot hard. I brought back my tongue to choot and again
pushed it in. I lubricated it with Bhabhi's juices and Jijus; cum
still in Bhabhi's s choot and brought it back to bhabhis gaand. After
licking her there for some time my fingers took charge and I slowly
pushed one finger in. Bhabhi was almost going berserk with my sucking
and licking. Now my tongue was fucking her choot and index finger was
fucking her gaand. When she will be on the brink I will lift my face
from her choot blow a bit and start very slowly. But I realized time
is ripe. I took her clit between my lips and started sucking. I had
called Jiju closer whose Lund was almost near Bhabhis gaand. My lips
were sucking nibbling tongue was flirting and she was on the verge. I
parted her gaand and Jiju now his Lund coated with Vaseline, pushed.

I bit her clit and she came. And at the same time Jiju shoved his
Lund in side her gaand, tearing her sphincter. She could not do
anything as my full weight was on her and with my full force I was
holding her chootar. Jiju too was holding her waist and in second
attempt half of Lund was in. She was abusing me and screaming Chinar,
khud to gadhe ka Lund ghontati hai, abhi to meri gaand main ungli
bhin nahi gayi thi. I was giggling and telling her Bhabhi Nandoi ka
maja lena hai to poora lo na. I began licking her softly and Jiju was
paying fyll attention to bhabhi;s choonchi, with full knowledge that
now his lund is securely riveted in her gaand and whatever wriggling
she may do she can not get it out. Bhabhi too reconciled and started
enjoying her gaand marai. After waiting for some time Jiju shoved
full lund and was buggering her in frenzy. I got up and was enjoying
the view. Bhabhi started enjoying this new experience and soon was
moaning. Jiju had started finger fucking her with three fingers in he
bur deep. It went on and on. When Jiju came, he again after flooding
her gaand brought rest of cum on her choonchi.

And surprisingly even Neelu didi was not spared in spite of her
condition. When KD was fucking Cheenu hard, my hubby came to go to
bath room and Neelu didi was coming out and soon he not only made her
suck him but fucked her sexy choonchi. Thus all of us enjoyed our

Next day was time for parting. I winked at Ravi and said You
promised something special for my hubby and they promised next time
surely it will be done. We all laughed except my poor hubby, who was
saved. I invited Ravi jija to come to us and my hubby too extended it
to Cheenu didi. Ravi was looking forward and gladly accepted. Neelu
didi pinched me and said, chinalo tum don ne maja liya aur main hi
bhukhi rah gayi. My hubby told KD Jija hey why you don't come along
with Neelu too first time all the sisters will be together in holi.

And KD looking at me and Cheenu and understanding what chances Holi
will bring accepted saying holi is on 6thMarcha and we will be there
by 4th march on Thursday. I asked Chavi, what is your programme; you
will be coming back on 3rd from Honey moon. My brother said, actually
I have taken too much leave and I will be reporting back on 4th but
that is a non family station so I can not keep her there we were
thinking about it may be .Chavi Bhabhi interjected and said may be I
can go to my parents place. We all laughed Neelu didi squeezed her
choonchi and said Banno bahhot din tak bahiyon se choonchi dabvaai
holi main. I said hey why don't you drop Chavi at my place it is in
your way too. They agreed. Cheenu teased her , hey bhabhi teen
nandoi se mukabla hoga. I jested , ek aage se , Neelu didi said
doosara piche se aur Rashmi Bhabhi completed teesara munh main. And
we all laughed. Cahvi bahbi becoming barve said what do you feel
salhaj Salli se kamjor nahi hoti.

When we were going Ravi Jija whispered in my ears," Jao jao bhukhe
sher se pala padega". And I smiled, dreaming about coming holi on 6th

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